AUSTRALIAN MADE Artwear by Corinne Isabel

Welcome to Rin Kin Artwear!!

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Here at Rin Kin Artwear, I take special care to create high quality 'slow fashion' that is intended to be worn and adored for many seasons. I create the garments you see here, using the most ethical and sustainable practices in my power.... including:
- Sweatshop-free production - I personally make everything in the Byron Shire, Australia!
- Rin Kin designs produce very little, if any waste fabric... Many patterns are cut to the entire width of the fabric and I save and use any off cuts as embellisments.
- Environmentally sensitive dye practices.
- Sustainably grown fibre rayon.
- Organic cotton jersey and spandex.
- Repurposing quality pre-loved clothing and fabrics into new creations.
- Using designer end-rolls to reduce waste.
- Business cards and wrapping made from Recycled paper.
- Promoting 'Slow Fashion' - meaning caring for your garments so they last for years to come, as Rin Kin strives to create timeless garments that can accompany you through many seasons of your life.


....I am Inspired by the juiciness that life can be when we live in line with the natural rhythm of our soul, the clothes I make are a reflection of my love of fabric, colour, nature and global cultures. I personally love wearing clothes that stand out in uniqueness, with just a touch of quirk and an air of magic.

I invite you to express your interpretation of your most divine self, every day. Be the mish-mash heroine of your story, the casual Goddess of your world. Life is short, don't save your heart to blossom for a special occasion, do it now - this is your invitation to SHINE!

xx Corinne

All Rin Kin garments are personally made by me, the designer, Corinne Isabel Wilson in Byron Bay's hinterland in Australia.

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